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For more information please read our advertising information below and feel free to contact me at to discuss your advertising needs in more detail.

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  • We will post your announcement on the IESS and IJBM journal websites and and the IESS Network webcast/newsletter (see below) until your event date.
  • A flash on IESS Homepage will be created about your announcement/event.


  • Your announcement will be posted on our Social Networking pages for additional promotional purposes.  

In addition, we would like to highlight the other benefits on advertising with IESS, the most important is the reasonable rate for advertising with the IESS. It costs just $150, regardless of its length, in comparison to $550 fee charged per page elsewhere. You save money!

We wish to bring to your attention that the IESS publishes its newsletter, which circulates the latest academic and professional news and announcements to Finance and Economics Academics, Accounting and Auditing, Researchers, Financial market practitioners, PhD/MBA students, Business and Management Schools, and Government officials worldwide! 

All in one price

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to advertise with IESS, which can definitely help you reach a wide audience worldwide and provide you additional benefits such as: 

Advertisers can associate their school with the highly respected IESS brand. Advertisers can gain valuable exposure to a global audience of prospective MBA/PhD students, finance academics and professionals. Advertisers can closely align their organization with the world’s best in financial management website and news/web casting service.

Thank you for supporting IESS excellence in research through your advertisements and contributions.

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