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IESS is an educational organization formed to provide an academic forum for emerging scholars that enhances research, teaching, and consulting on education, research, systems, practices, and outcomes throughout the global economy. Its focus is the global economy, so emerging scholars, and government officials from every economy of the world can find value in this association. It is governed by an internationally representative board of directors and supervised by its officers. We attempt to think and act consistent with our values..


We have three membership programs i.e., faculty, professional and student.

What will you get


We conduct annual conference which connects the emerging scholars around the globe.


We publish IJBM. The journal aims to publish rigorous theoretical, methodological, or empirical research associated with the areas of business and management including strategy, accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, tourism, organisation, human resources, operations, supply chain, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Education Consultancy

We provide eduction consultancy services and help students to achieve their goals. If you are seeking admission, register with us and discuss the opportunities!

Career Fair

We also arrange career fair for young and emerging scholars. Register with us and we will take care of it.

Research and Dissertation help

Research is not easy for every. Don't panic.  We guide students and researchers in doing the research. We have a large network of well established researchers who can guide you and help you in your research. 

Trainings and Professional Development

We conduct training and development workshops and seminars. Register with us and know first about upcoming trainings and workshops.

Get the most of it!

For more details, please contact Dr. Nicole Pannet
Dr. Nicole Pannet

Director, Research and Operations International Emerging Scholars Society (IESS) Email: Nicole.pannet@iessociety.com

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